Medically Supervised Weight Loss

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If you are frustrated with chronic dieting to lose little to no weight, desire improvement in chronic diseases, or would simply like to prevent disease, this program is for you. At Functional Medicine of Alaska we take a functional medicine approach to weight loss. 

Each weight loss care plan is based on the individual’s body chemistry and is tailored to restore and prevent many conditions through weight reduction. Unlike other “one size fits all” approaches, this program identifies your imbalances which are likely caused from a lifetime of exposure to stress, denatured or altered foods, environmental toxins, in combination with genetic predispositions that will cause weight gain, and chronic disease. 

We often use nutrigenetics when patients have having severe difficulty with weight loss. In addition to our weight loss program, we are also available to offer pre-bariatric surgery medically supervised weight loss.

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Please schedule an initial evaluation with us prior to your initial weight loss visit. It is important for us to know your medical history well prior to creating your personalized weight loss plan. 

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